WHITE GALLERY: putting the buzz back into bridal

The famous designer show in Battersea Park has pulled it off with top names and visitors from across the globe

A beautiful bouque... Anny Lin at White Gallery

Anny Lin at White Gallery

Within two hours of opening the doors to a glittering, sun-filled White Gallery, aisles were packed with retailers from all over the world, keen to be among the first to see the latest collections from some amazing talents. And amazing is the best way to describe their carefully curated work; White Gallery is all about design bravado, about leading the way and setting trends, about pushing barriers and, above all, about exuding confidence.

At this annual event - regarded by many as the finest designer-only show on the bridal stage, there are some superb surprises. Brilliant flashes of colour - not just a hint of shaded lining, but full-on fabulous hues of purple, scarlet, orange, gold and sepia; shimmering metallics woven into sheer tulles to form swirls of abstract motifs, satins waffled to create a new dimension, lattic lace and delicious silk prints spilling over with full-blown roses. In silhouettes there are brilliant new constructions that take multi-layering one step forward, sculpting shape within shape, and interpreting the folds of origami to give a distinct sense of the graphic. Strapless mermaids? Not a lot, but instead gorgeous little jackets cropped narrow and body-skimming vests, beaded and embroidered, the softest cashmere cardigans topping soft tulles skirts to form a separates story with a real difference, and blouson boleros worn off the shoulder.

Champagne flowed throughout the day as designers celebrated the reception they received, and buyers rejoiced in their special finds. At White Gallery’s there is more to dazzle and delight, including shoes that have reach new heights, not just when it comes to heels but in decoration that has become something of an art form, and gleaming metallics in silvers, golds, and the softest rose gold. And stunning jewellery and tiaras with a strong boho theming.

The show continues till 4pm Tuesday. Seeing the future of bridal is an opportunity not to be missed.


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