Standout accessories for 2017

The Harrogate Bridal Show presents all the latest styles for the coming season. We take a look at the accessories trends that really shone

Accessories complete the story, polish the look and, for retailers, bring in extra revenue. Traditionally, retailers decide on dresses before choosing the accessories that complement them. Increasingly, however, it’s those highlights - the jewellery and headdresses in particular - that are capturing attention early because designers have focused on creating individual looks with their own personality. These latest designs are creative, some are extravagant, others are subtle, and we saw a whole host of styles at this year’s show.

Miranda Templeton

Back accessories

Designers are paying more attention than ever before to the backs of dresses with beautiful illusions and plunging styles - so it’s no wonder there’s a plethora of accessories also emphasising and accessorising backs.

“Backless dress jewellery pieces are currently amongst our most popular items, and are an essential addition to your accessories portfolio,” says Melanie from Miranda Templeton. “Our back jewellery designs are repeating well across the board and we have a few new pieces in the range which debuted at Harrogate.”

Likewise, Louise from Richard Designs adds: “Dress jewellery was so popular this show with buyers really loving our multi-strand back jewellery with vintage detailing.”

Richard Designs

Hair vines

Hair vines are still hugely popular, and we don’t see signs of the rustic trend slowing with designers throughout the show presenting gorgeous floral hair designs in rustic hues. Loved by boho brides, these hair ornaments can be worn in a variety of ways for added outfit sparkle.

“It was definitely our hair vines that stole the show,” says Louise. “Whether on clips, a circlet, with dangling jewelled drops, or a delicate vine to pin in the hair, they were all so popular.”

“Hair vines have been all the rage this year,” says Wendy from Emmerling. “Perfectly versatile, delicate and feminine, hair vines can be worn instead of tiaras and other classical comb accessories and be woven into the hair, wrapped around a bun or simply pinned into place across the forehead or along the side of the head. Our new styles 20237 and 20238 were particularly well received at this year’s Harrogate.”

“We introduced several versions of the vine back at White Gallery,” says Miranda Templeton’s Melanie. “And we now have a traditional linear vine, a symmetrical vine which sits centrally at the back of the head and a demi-vine which is a cross between a vine and a comb. There are several versions of each style and it’s fair to say they’ve been an overwhelming success.”

Likewise, Bridal Buyer Awards winners, Ivory and Co, saw buyers requesting vines. Alex Longhi says: “Our hair vines have been incredibly popular this year. These have been really sought after, as well as more floral pieces in golden tones.”

Rainbow Club

Classic veils

Traditional brides will rejoice when they see the the new season veil choices. Playing on classic styles, this season sees plenty of full-length cathedral designs - with lace, of course, remaining a favourite.

“Our new veils were all about lace with statement beaded lace trains and delicate floral lace appliques,” says Louise from Richard Designs. “Both of these proved incredibly popular with buyers at Harrogate and were definitely show bestsellers.”

Similarly, Rainbow Club saw an increase in veil sales at Harrogate, with lace styles a top choice. Richard Marsh says: “Joyce Jackson Veils enjoyed very healthy Harrogate sales with more luxurious one-off veils doing particularly well, specifically higher priced styles such as the Nottinghill, Kensington and Soho. Additionally, our own gorgeous Rainbow Club veils saw us treble sales from last year’s successful show.”

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