Positive outlook for Retail Display industry confirmed by SDEA survey

Following a period of instability within the UK, the latest SDEA survey reveals a surprisingly large percentage of members are enjoying an increase in sales, which looks set to continue for the year ahead

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An encouraging 64% of respondents reported an increase in sales over the past six months and of those the average was of a 17% rise. Less than half this number, 28%, recorded an average decline in sales of 19% and only 8% of members’ sales remained unchanged.

When members were asked to compare sales during the past six months with the same period in the previous year, a substantial 48% recorded an increase in sales with 18% being the average sales increase.

Looking ahead, a positive outlook was recorded within membership; when asked to forecast sales prospects over the next six months, the majority expect to see a rise. 52% anticipate a sales increase by an average of 13% and a further 40% forecast sales to remain the same with only 8% expecting a decline in sales.

SDEA Director, Antony Behiels says, “It is encouraging to see that many members’ sales have increased, with this set to continue over the next 6 months. Despite a rise in supplier prices, which has been well reported since the devaluation of sterling and Brexit, the industry remains relatively buoyant. Of the 76% of members that recorded a supplier price increase, averaging a 5% hike, over half are not looking to pass this on to their customers - testimony to the strength of the retail display industry”.


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