Handshake agreement

Lack of formal agreement costing suppliers


It’s understandable that many agreements are made “on a handshake”, especially where the parties have a strong pre-existing relationship - often when agreeing terms face to face at a meeting - but relying on a distribution agreement like this could be risky. The experts at Fox Williams explain…

Business risks and worries

Report shows what businesses worry about most


Findings from the sixth annual Allianz Risk Barometer suggest that companies increasingly worry about losses from business interruption, the unpredictable environment where markets are volatile, as well as digital dilemmas arising from new technologies

Interest rates

UK SMEs urged to settle for more in 2017


New research from Cambridge & Counties Bank reveals that around a third of business deposit accounts are paying 0.1% Gross/AER or less on balances of £25,000, highlighting the opportunity for UK businesses to shop around

Pound Falls

Pound falls on May's Brexit comments


The value of the pound fell to a two-month low against major currencies after Prime Minister Theresa May hints that the UK is heading towards a hard Brexit from the EU

Bridal Boutique

Retailers failing to inspire customers in stores, says retail expert


According to a leading retail expert at Aston University, the slump some retailers are experiencing is due to a failure to create an inspirational customer experience

Bride using technology

The importance of tech in 2017


The International Wedding Trend Report forecasts what brides are after and how the wedding industry will change in the coming year. We take a look at the brand new 2017 release to find out more about what customers will be expecting in the new year…

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