Bridal dry-cleaning vouchers from Johnsons The Cleaners

Many brides worry about the state of their dress after the big day, so make sure you put your customers at ease and advise them on dress cleaning services that are available

With wedding season fast approaching, Johnsons has the perfect gift for any bride with its new Wedding Dress Cleaning & Preservation vouchers. The company has long been a favourite with brides after the big day, and its vouchers for dress cleaning will make the perfect wedding gift - so it’s a great idea to mention this as an option to mother of the brides or friends who come to an appointment.

The new gift vouchers will allow brides to relax and enjoy their big day in the knowledge that wine stains and makeup smudges can be expertly eradicated and their special gown can be preserved for years to come.

Gowns that are taken to this particular cleaners are inspected by Johnsons’ wedding dress specialists within a UV chamber that highlights marks invisible to the naked eye, and those requiring dry cleaning are cleaned using GreenEarth® - a gentle substitute to harsh chemicals that ensures the protection of delicate fabrics. Once cleaned, the gown is wrapped in layers of acid-free tissue paper to prevent fabric discolouration and are placed in a beautiful presentation box specially designed to protect the dress from light, dust and moisture. Prices start from £160.


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