2017 collection from Sophia Kokosalaki

Innovative designer Sophia Kokosalaki is known for creating beautiful and intricate clothing that is adored by contemporary women around the world

For her bridal collections, Sophia takes inspiration from the shapes of traditional Haute Couture as well as the fluidity of ancient Greek sculptures. By applying both these classical principles and a precision of cut, she’s able to create gorgeous, light and ethereal gowns.

Drawing from her Hellenic heritage, she modernises designs with her unique, urban style to create luxuriously crafted pieces. Each dress has been designed with careful attention to detail applying Sophia’s trademark elements such as chevron pleating, hand draping and sculptural shaping.

“I want to help brides feel beautiful with an alternative dress that never goes over the top, something cool and with an edge,” says Sophia. “Our customer knows fashion and what she likes so she is always looking for something chic, sophisticated and modern.”

The collection is designed to suit all wedding styles and incorporates high quality fabrics such as precious sand washed silks, delicate tulle, and hand pleated jersey with Swarovski crystal elements. To complement the bridal collection, Sophia has also designed and created signature pieces of sterling silver gold plated jewellery.

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